Review: Small Ridgeback by Bad Dragon

Ever have one of those weeks where everything starts smooth, then hits a bunch of bumps in a hurry? Well, I have! Sorry for sporadic updates lately. Things may be a little off-on until I get back into the groove again.

To help shake off the funk, let’s check out a dildo that looks the way my week has felt: Bad Dragon’s Ridgeback!

So, is it more fun than my week has been? Let’s find out.

Item Specifics
Diameter: 1.75 inches at widest
Circumference: 5.0 inches at widest
Usable length: 5.25 inches
total length: 6.5 inches
Hardness: 8 (“Hard”). Think “tightly rolled tube socks”.

Features: your choice of hardness and color, optional suction cup, unique shape.

Material: Silicone

Red’s Warnings
This toy isn’t dangerous, but those ridges can be a bit much so you might want to order it in a softer hardness than you normally enjoy. Also be sure to use non-silicone based lube.


Overall, my first look over the ridgeback was a surprise. No, I wasn’t surprised by the shape or the very simple texture. What did surprise me, however, was how rigid the ridges down the back were. Don’t get me wrong, they did give when my hand slid up and down the velvety shaft, but there was a very thwacky feeling to it. If anything, it reminded me of running my hand up and down the edges of a flexible silicone bowl scraper.

This left me curious… would it be too much? Normally I’m happy with firmer toys that have plenty of texture. Tantus’ Goddess was one of my first toys and still one of my favorites and it’s nothing to sneeze at, either! I made sure to lube up extra well, just in case, then gave my ridgeback a spin.

There’s a small channel down one side of the head that I found felt great playing against me externally and was fun just by itself. After a little bit of teasing, I learned that the tapering head was very easy to work with on insertion. It’s just human enough to feel familiar but abstract enough that it doesn’t feel too weird when it changes to the ridges.

Slipping downward, the ridges provide a rather fun steady bumpity bumpity feeling as it slides past your spot. If this isn’t a G-spot / P-spot toy, nothing is! The increasing girth as you go further down the shaft makes each ridge more and more pronounced, piling on the stimulation until I found myself eased by the little indent near the base.

I gave myself a moment to relax and feel the unusual shape before sliding back up the rigid purple shaft. The ride up was a lot harder than the way down! The little indent at the base changed to the wider shaft with that more pronounced ridge included, almost shocking me. Thankfully, the shaft only grew more tapered with less pronounced ridges as I rode back up to the tip so it wasn’t too much.

I paused and thought about the experience. It actually was fun, even if strange. Down I went, nice and slow to the base, then back up again feeling those ridges catch against every grove and nook inside me. Once I got into a pleasing rythm it was amazing.

There’s also a little ridged area on the base that feels even better than the head for just grinding. The little bumps all in a row provide a unique massaging action and are a real delight once lubed up and sliding. My only gripe about them is that they face the wrong way: you can’t have the ridges kneading your spot and enjoy the external ridges, too! The tapering shape of the shaft is supposed to help make up for this and provide a more gentle stimulation, but I found it was nothing in comparison to the ridges and was greatly disappointed.

The downfall came after I was finished. My concerns were correct: 8 (“hard”) was too hard for me! Though the ridgeback had been a great ride, I felt like I’d been savaged. It took about a day to fully recover from the soreness and I swore that I’d be sure to use lots of thick water based lube (even more than before!) next time.

The next time played with my Ridgeback I found that using a lot of lube, though messy, helped a lot. I still felt savaged afterward, though. Hardness 8 is just not for me.

Pros: Lots of stimulation, fun to rub against ridge at base, nicely tapered shape, unique combo of familiar and abstract features

Cons: Base ridges are facing the wrong way to be enjoyed during use, shaft ridges can be a bit much, base bump (smooth side) does nothing, easy to overdo the hardness.

Areas to watch when cleaning: The ridges and along the base where the toy meets the base both can catch fluids.

The Verdict: Almost worth it

I admit it, I do like this toy. The shape is fun and sometimes you just want to be savaged! If I could have had an 8 (hard) shaft with 5 (medium) ridges, it would be my favorite. Sadly, this option isn’t available and never will be. Mix this with the design flaws of possibly being over-stimulating on one side and under-stimulating on the other and it’s not a must have. Still, if you’re into serious sensations, you won’t be disappointed!

4 Responses to “Review: Small Ridgeback by Bad Dragon”

  1. by Bar Mermaid on August 14th, 2012 5:28 pm

    I didn’t notice it before, but the buttom ridges do face the wrong side to match the top ones. I guess the top ridges and smooth bump on the shaft is for women?

  2. by Red Black on August 15th, 2012 2:33 am

    If it is, I wouldn’t be surprised. I guess they were trying to not go for overkill in how they did it, either that or they made it for anal and figured the ridges would work fine pointed in either direction. Eh, I don’t get Bad Dragon’s design strategies sometimes.

  3. Very sexy review. 😉

  4. Wow this looks like a rough ride

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