Duel: Tiny Tentacle by Damn Average

One, two, three… oh lord, five tentacles! My blog isn’t turning into a bad hentai is it? Nope! I actually own five totally different Custom Tiny Tentacles made by Damn Average.

Sheep down at Damn Average has a wide variety of different styles she can apply to the toys she makes. Dip, drips, plain, matte, shiny, and even water like effects are all possible! Which pattern is the best? Let’s duel!

Item Specifics
Diameter: about 1.5 inches at widest
Circumference: 4.5 inches at widest
Usable length: 4 inches
total length: 5.25 inches
Hardness: Medium (thick Jello) or Hard (tightly rolled socks). Your choice.

Features: Your choice of colors, patterns, and hardness, waterproof, distinct texture from suckers

Material: 100% silicone

Red’s Warnings
Do not use silicone lube on this toy. Otherwise, it’s safe for pretty much anyone, even beginners.


The Tiny Tentacle is a basic P-spot/G-spot toy with a lot of texture to offer. The suckers along the tentacle’s front split away from each other near the base, which cradles the spot so the suckers can massage it. The feeling is very unique and enjoyable, actually. It’s nice to see a toy that rewards you for going in deep.

When used as a plug I found that the medium hardness (she sometimes calls it “soft”) is more comfortable for long-term wear because it allows the tentacle to flex with you. The base is also softer which means less chance of sore butt cheeks or thighs after running around with the toy in for awhile. The softer firmness, however, does make insertion more dificult from the combination of little head and squishy firmness. It’s not as easy to build up speed with the softer firmness.

When used as a dildo I found that hard firmness is easier to work with. Having the toy be harder makes insertion a breeze. Picking up speed is simple as well as the tentacle isn’t likely to shift about or move strangely. The texture can be overbearing, however, unless you invest in one of Sheep’s alternate textures.

Damned Average has four main classes of texture, all available on the same toy. It’s hard to capture all the differences in just one picture, so here’s a better description of each.

Dip: The toy is dunked in a thin layer of silicone. This creates an even layer of silicone all over the toy.

My dipped Tiny Tentacle was actually a little larger than the rest due to the thin coating of silicone all over it giving it a lovely silver sheen. Despite the new coating, the original colors are still visible underneath for a very attractive effect.

In use I found the dip created a smoother toy. The sucker texture along the tentacle was softened up by the silicone that had been poured over it allowing me to go faster with less texture and friction in the way. The little bit of extra girth added by the dip also helped make the dipped Tiny Tentacle surprisingly filling.Although the smoothness felt nice and the silver sheen was attractive, I found the dipped Tiny Tentacle to be a little too smooth for my tastes as a dildo, but it was rather cozy as a plug.

Drip: Silicone is dripped down the toy creating gentle wave and vein type patterns.

Drip toys are very interesting. A single color drip can be used to contrast a marbled toy for a rather neat effect. The purple and green Joker-esque tentacle in the picture is one of these. Multi-color drips can be used over plain toys to add layers of near psychedelic shifting colors all over the shaft and base.

A light single-color drip will actually add more texture to the dildo without taking much away. The suckers on the joker tentacle are less pronounced than on the uncoated version, but more pronounced than on the dip. The drizzled silicone also adds a veiny texture along the formerly flat places that feels great in motion, though can get to be a bit much when just holding still as a plug.

A heavy multi-color drip can remove almost all texture except that made by the cascading silicone while simultaneously adding girth. It’s a combo of the dip plus the veins from the drip. I don’t have a tentacle like this so I can’t cover it for this review.

Splatter: Silicone is splotched on and allowed to run down the toy creating a water-like feel.

This was experimental for one of my tentacles, but I thought I’d cover it anyway. I wanted a silver speckle pattern, but silicone doesn’t do that very well so the water-like splatter effect was used instead.

This created a very unique mildly bumpy texture down the back of the toy. It felt very slick when wet, just like water. Almost no extra girth was added with the very thin layer of silicone, but you could really feel the difference in texture. The strange wet feeling was very exciting and felt wonderful both in use and as a plug. However, it was subtle enough that I sort of lost it after awhile.

Plain: Nothing is added to the toy.

Yep, nothing extra is added to this tentacle. This gives a slightly more slender shape with a very pronounced set of suckers along the front. In hard this was almost too much to use for long! Then again, I am shy about very strong textures, so it might be just me. In medium, however, it was stimulating and enjoyable.

Dip: More girth, gentler texture, pretty effect
Drip: Slightly more girth, adds more texture
Splatter: Doesn’t add much girth, unique smooth yet stimulating texture
Plain: Very pronounced texture, easiest to clean

Dip: Can make the toy too smooth sometimes
Drip: Can add too much strange texture
Splatter: Very subtle, added texture can get lost
Plain: Sometimes is too much texture

Areas to watch when cleaning:
Be careful to clean all fluids out of the suckers. If you have a special coating, pay attention to anywhere where the special coating ends and where it touches other sections. Sometimes fluids can be trapped there.

And the Winner Is: Tiny Tentacle with single color Drip!

The drips along the front prevent the suckers from being too much while adding a really neat texture along the back during use. It was a really close call, honestly: the splatter is also amazing and very much worth it. The drip barely edges it out. If you have the money, get a drip along the front and a splatter on the back for pure heaven.

The Verdict: Worth it

The price is very fair at only $30 at time of writing for a basic, plain tentacle. Adding fancy patterns or multiple colors will run you about $40, give or take. This is a lot less expensive than fancy color customs from companies like Bad Dragon for a toy of at least equal enjoyment.

Sheep also is good at working with your wishes and will re-do or fix any mistakes for free and the bulk discounts are nothing to sneeze at if you want to hoard little tentacles for your own nefarious reasons. (coughprankcough)

Give it a try. There’s nothing to loose!

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  1. by Rise of the Ents on July 17th, 2012 2:38 am

    Good lord. If I didn’t see yhe prank part in that post I’d be very confused as to why anyone would want five different versions of the same dildo. So, did it go good?

  2. by Red Black on July 18th, 2012 2:53 pm

    Actually all five are different enough to feel almost like different dildos. It’s really fascinating.

    And yes, the prank was awesome. I live with someone who doesn’t like tentacles so I left them scattered around to see how long it would take them to notice. The final reaction was “How many of those do you have?!?” only with more swear words mixed in. The face every time they found another one was priceless.

  3. So… pretty… @.@

  4. This dildo has been discontinued so reviews like this are the only way I can learn about it. Damn Average made a new tentacle to replace it. Thank you so much for the details for history reasons.

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