Duel: Small Legacy Gryphon Vs Medium Gryphon by Bad Dragon!

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I was starting to feel nostalgic last week. One year! I know that’s not a lot to some people, but to me looking back and see how much had changed (usually for the better) in that time was fun. This got me to thinking, I should do a new vs old review!

Here we have two versions of the same toy: The Gryphon by Bad Dragon.

On the left in gunmetal we have the medium Gryphon currently on sale at Bad Dragon. On the right in white we have the Legacy small Gryphon Bad Dragon used to sell before the mold broke and they were forced to remake the toy.

We all know experience can sometimes lead to better work, but does this hold true for Bad Dragon’s Gryphon? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Legacy / Modern
Diameter: 1.25 inches, 1.75 at widest / 1.3 inches, 2 at widest.
Circumference: 4 inches, 5.5 at widest / 4.5 inches, 6.75 at widest
Usable length: 7 inches / 7.9 inches
total length: 8 inches / 8.6 inches
My Hardness: 5 (medium) / 5 (medium)

Features (Both): Your choice of hardness and color, optional Suction Cup, Optional Cum Tube, harness compatible, waterproof

Material: Silicone

Red’s Warnings
Do not use silicone lube on this toy! Also, the tip can be brutal on the modern version so be careful. More on that in a bit.


Looking the two toys over was interesting.

The Legacy Gryphon has a velvety series of little rain-drop shaped bumps to represent spines all along it’s head, transitioning to a smooth, full foreskin that lays along the head, extending back onto the shaft. The Modern Gryphon’s spines are actually tiny bumps no bigger than the ones found on studded condoms. The foreskin is more pulled back on the modern gryphon making a more abrupt change between the head and shaft.

To be honest, I liked the more natural look of the Legacy foreskin and found that it’s gentle transition was more enjoyable for external stimulation and allowed for a smoother entry and exit. The velvety little spines felt amazing to the touch and even better when lubed up as they provided a smooth entry with a gentle massaging action on the out stroke. The more sudden transition on the modern gryphon felt too abrupt to me, and the little dots were disappointing as they gave little sensation in comparison to the bumps of the legacy.

I also noticed that the knot to shaft ratio on the two toys is different. The Legacy gryphon has a longer, narrower shaft with a shorted flared portion along the base of the shaft. In contrast, the modern gryphon has a much shorter shaft with a longer knot area. Both areas are thicker in the modern with more subdued texturing than on the legacy Gryphon.

I really did enjoy the meaty shaft on the modern Gryphon. Kudos to Bad Dragon for making it feel even better! On the downside, there wasn’t much of a shaft before the knot kicked in so there just wasn’t as much riding room as on the legacy gryphon. Although the shaft is longer on the legacy, I found that it’s slender shape made it fit more comfortably inside me so I could better enjoy the knot.

Speaking of knots, the shapes are a little different between the legacy and modern gryphon, too! The upper half of the knot is larger on the modern gryphon than it was on the legacy, and the transition between the upper and lower halves of the knots is more smooth on the modern version.

I actually felt that this change, though logical from a design standpoint, made the modern gryphon lose some of it’s charm. I liked the difference in size between the two halves on the legacy gryphon and felt that it made it easier to take the whole toy. On the up side, the meatier knot on the modern dildo sure was filling and rather satisfying once it was in!

In use both toys were enjoyable, though each had different strong points and failings.

The Legacy Gryphon was meant as a long, textured riding toy for those who just want long strokes. The head was made to give extra sensation and knot was made to give a strong pop if you can get it all inside. In use, I found this to hold true. The more pronounced textures on bad Dragon’s legacy gryphon also were great for external stimulation. On the down side, those pronounced textures can make you sore if you have been riding hard and fast for awhile. Also, the base is really short which means that fluids can and will go everywhere if you’re riding deeply. The combination of short base and narrow area after the knot makes this toy flop over somewhat so be prepared for that.

The Modern Gryphon was also more for smooth textured riding, but has more of a size-queen aesthetic with thicker shaft, thicker knots, and a bigger base for more sturdy riding. The more abrupt transition from head to shaft is there to give more sensation in lieu of the old “spines” while the more gentle knot transition was made to make taking the whole thing in one stroke easier. The base is thicker for easier riding and this gryphon actually stands up on it’s own. On the down side, the more gentle texturing can easily get lost and the thick shaft also means the pointed tip is thick and unyielding. It’s possible to hurt yourself on the modern gryphon with all the force of a downward thrust being transferred into the small area of the unyielding tip, so be careful!

Areas to watch when cleaning: On both toys the cloaca will catch lots of fluids, so clean the base well. On the modern gryphon pay special attention the head area is fully cleaned as well because the abrupt transition can catch fluids.

The Verdict: Legacy is worth it. Modern is almost worth it.

The price was very fair for on the Legacy Gryphon a fun riding toy, and I enjoyed the more pronounced texture and more slender aesthetic over the thick aesthetic of the modern gryphon. If you like long strokes and popping sensations, hunt down a Legacy Gryphon for great fun!

The Modern Gryphon is pretty and feels nice, but the potentially dangerous tip and the 25 dollar price hike for a similar sized toy make me a little shy of dropping almost a hundred dollars for a new gryphon. If it was priced lower or you got one with a softer head (split hardness) I’d say it was worth it!

And the Winner Is: Legacy Gryphon!

Both are lovely toys, though, so don’t be shy to try the new one, especially if you can get the softer head as I suggested.

2 Responses to “Duel: Small Legacy Gryphon Vs Medium Gryphon by Bad Dragon!”

  1. I can barely see the white one but they look the same so I’m glad you covered the differences. What hardness us the best for this dildo?

  2. by Red Black on June 6th, 2012 3:13 am

    For legacy Gryphon I say go with medium (5) because the thinner head flexes more, which helps disperse any potential forces. For modern Gryphon I’d request a split hardness with a soft (3) head and a medium (5) base. I’m tempted to re-order in this hardness, to be honest.

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