Shunga Lesbians

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Let’s keep the Shunga party going! I’m sure you saw all those fun traditional Japanese Sex toys last week. If not, scroll back a bit for a peek. It’s OK, I’ll be here.

Well, those toys are fine and dandy, but wouldn’t it be nice to see them in use? Here’s a Shunga of a pair of Lesbians from the same time period using what appears to be one of the depicted dildos!

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It appears the two of them just stopped scissoring and have pulled out a strap-on to continue. The lady on the left is cleaning off the dildo with a silk cloth. Meanwhile, the lady on the right has a small pot of lubricating oil she will be applying to her strap-on to make the ride more enjoyable for her lover.

This moment of sexy was collected by Griffinlb.

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  1. This hentai sucks.

  2. by Red Black on October 5th, 2012 2:13 am

    Actually, Shunga is the forerunner of hentai. If brush art like this never was created it would not have been refined into the anime style and hentai would never have existed.

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