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Tantus almost always has meaningful name for their sex toys. Luckily, their Large Atomic is one of their earlier designs where the name matches how it looks! See the mushroom cloud type rings?

So, is Atomic a real blast or just a little bang? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Diameter at widest: 1.5 inches
Circumference at widest: 4.7 inches
Usable length:5 inches
total length: 5.25 inches
Hardness: Dense stress ball (single firmness available)

Features: waterproof, harness compatible, abstract design, comes in three sizes. Mine is the large.

Material: 100% Medical grade silicone

Red’s Warnings
Don’t use silicone lube on this toy. Also, if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it! Try the next smaller size instead.


Yes, Atomic sure looks interesting. You’d think that a toy designed and named after one of mankind’s great destructive forces would have to be impressive. Well, visually speaking, it is. I love how the gunmetal color really accents the ridges and shape of my Atomic. It shines somewhere between chrome and hematite in person for a very striking effect.

It’s not so obvious in the pictures, but the Atomic’s rings are very pronounced with a mushroom-like head. This effect is because there is actually a dip in the silicone, sort of like the ones you see on a water ripple, right before and after each ring. The rings on the shaft angle upwards at a slant and are actually flat along their edges while the edge of the head comes to a small point in contrast. The other side of the toy is marked by the grooves started on the front as well as a ring-like channel that flows upward across the backside of the head. Sadly, this doesn’t photograph well or I’d show you guys.

Yes, that’s a lot of detail on a deceptively simple package! Luckily, these details are what makes the Atomic shine. I started by rubbing the Atomic against me as a warm up. Every little ridge and dip felt fantastic along my skin. I’m actually glad the shaft ridges are flat or else it would have been too much! It didn’t take to much to get me hot and bothered, which is a very good thing considering that the bulbous head makes penetration a little more dificult than it is with most standard toys.

Once I was warmed up and lubed up sliding in Atomic was not simple. The little ridge along the mushroom head actually gave resistance as it’s angled against penetration. It took a few tries before my large Atomic wiggled in with a distinct pop. This pop was so strong that it took me by surprise. I ended up playing with it in and out for a few moments just to feel how unique it was.

Once the dildo was further in, the ridges gave even more resistance than the head as the slanted shape tended to cup and drag against everything it came in contact with. I would advise lots of lube with this sex toy!

You would think that such a bulky-looking toy would be very filling and hard to control once inside, but that’s not the truth. The channels on the back of the dildo allow the body to relax more around Atomic and give just a little extra room to work with for easy thrusting, twisting and turning. This toy is made to “seek and destroy” when it comes to your p-spot or G-spot and it will find it’s mark pretty easily with at least one of it’s ridges.

The only major downsides I found on Tantus’ Large Atomic are that the base is sort of small and the ridges are super pronounced. The small, fairly thin base may not make it sit as well in a harness and will make it harder to hold the toy once things start getting slippery. I kept wishing I had a handle just so I could go to town worry-free! Also, the pronounced ridges, though they feel great, can make you sore so listen to your body and use plenty to lube.

Areas to watch when cleaning: The dips before and after each ridge can catch fluids.

The Verdict: Worth it

The large Atomic by Tantus isn’t the most gentle sex toy out there. However, if you’re looking for a hard ride from a toy that will give lots of satisfying resistance and sexy “popping” then you’ll love the large Atomic. If the large Atomic looks too fierce for you, you may prefer the gentler medium or small instead.

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  1. by Leveret on June 4th, 2012 5:39 am

    Neat ripples. i like this design alot.

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