Review: Small Elden the Faerie Dragon by Bad Dragon

I own a lot of sex toys. In fact, part of the fun of reviewing lubes, lotions, potions, and dongs is that you get to play with a wide variety of things!

This exotic toy is the Small Elden the Faerie Dragon by Bad Dragon! Does it feel as exotic as it looks? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Diameter: 0.75 inches at smallest, 1.75 inches at widest
Circumference: 2.5 inches at smallest, 5.25 inches at widest
Usable length: 4.5 inches
total length: 6 inches
Hardness: 5/8 (medium shaft, hard base)

Features: Unique shape, harness compatible, comes in your choice of color and hardness.

Material: Silicone

Red’s Warnings
Don’t use silicone lube on this toy.


As soon as I pulled out my Fairy Dragon, I couldn’t help admiring the strange and beautiful shape. Elden reminded me of the center of a flower with it’s graceful curves arching out from a surprisingly detailed base. It was very beautiful. My pictures don’t do it justice, really. I was very xcited to give it a try! Something so lovely must feel lovely, right?

Well, I made the mistake of just lubing up and inserting it. The shape of the shaft was so weird and thin that I was turned off nearly immediately. Speaking of shafts, there was basically no shaft to ride. None! My muscles clenched down and felt no more than if it were a finger or two inside me. Trying to work this little toy in and out was a challenge. It was so thin that it flexed and twisted, making it impossible to thrust. The shape was strange as well, giving almost no resistance even when I clenched down on it.

I figured that maybe it should be all the way in to feel it, but that did not help. Fully inserting Elden only made things feel weirder due to Elden’s spade-shaped knot. I still could not feel the shaft, and the strange shape just kept getting stranger and stranger the more I tried to play with it. It was a complete turn-off.

The first try was a disaster, but I was undaunted. Surely there must be something more than aesthetic pleasure in this dildo! I waited a couple days and tried Elden the Fairy Dragon again.

This time I took the time to relax and romance the toy. I rubbed against it and quickly found myself building to orgasm. Not wanting to finish with the toy outside, I turned it upside down with the fine ridges pointed up and inserted it partially. Carefully I rubbed it against my insides, trying hard not to just insert and draw back like a normal dildo. As the small ridges rubbed my spot I couldn’t help my orgasm. I finally got it: this is a Prostate and G Spot toy!

Having finally “figured out” Elden, I wanted to keep going. I tried it with the ridges facing up and the smooth side facing up. The ridges were more effective and gave far more stimulation. In fact, I’d suggest sticking to the ridged side only as much as possible as the lack of pronounced head gives almost no sensation on the smooth side.

Once I was done with the shaft, finally it was time to try the knot once more. After a few tries I found the shape was just too awkward to enjoy while facing the front. Turning the dildo sideways allowed Elden to slip in all the way where my muscles could relax around the very interesting base bulge. Sadly, turning the dildo sideways nullifies the ridges and killed the experience for me.

Places to watch when cleaning: Be careful there are no fluids trapped in the ridges on the black and inside the cloaca at the base.

The Verdict: Almost worth it.

If you just want to feel the knot and don’t want any shaft in the way at all, Elden is your toy. Turn him sideways and go to town on that bulging base! If you want a gentle stimulation for external use or on your prostate/G spot, Elden is nice, again. If you like well-rounded toys like I do, however, you’ll find Elden lacking as you can’t seem to do both at once. It’s a shame that Elden won’t let you have your cake and eat it too or I would have loved it.

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  1. by Macadamia Madam on May 3rd, 2012 7:21 pm

    Admiring the dedication you put into your site and detailed information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Great read on unique dildos!

  2. by Goelth on May 4th, 2012 2:31 am

    It’s a shame it didn’t photograph very well. Elden looks like a really interesting sex toy.

  3. by Red Black on May 8th, 2012 10:08 pm

    Yeah, I had some issues with the color balance. The very pale pink doesn’t seem to work well with my camera. Trying to fix the color balance didn’t help. I wish I could have shown you better photos of the one I own, though Bad Dragon’s site does have more pictures of Elden the Fairy Dragon that are better than mine if you want to check it out.

  4. by munkieshine on June 10th, 2021 8:53 am

    It looks like a regular sex toy melted. Such a weird design.

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