Review: Small Duke by Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon seems to be a running joke on the internet. Typically the joke goes something like this: “OMG- Dragon dongs that squirt and stuff!” Yeah, unfunny but that’s pretty much the whole thing. Then again, not many people are used to seeing the sort of dildo that Bad Dragon makes and I will admit that they can get pretty strange.

So, are there any dongs that Bad Dragon makes that aren’t too weird? Well, there’s always Duke, the “humanoid dragon” toy. Don’t run away! It’s not too dragon-y; if anything it’s downright human for the most part.

See? Duke’s not too scary. now, let’s see if he’s any fun!

Item Specifics
Material: silicone

This is their “Small” Duke. Yes, he comes in other sizes and hardnesses!
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Circumference: 4.5 inches
Total length: 6.20 inches
Usable length: 5.20 inches
Hardness: 5 (dense squishy stress ball or not-quite-hard penis)

Features: Digitally sculpted for uniform shape regardless of toy size, added testicles, harness compatible.

Red’s Warnings
Avoid silicone lube on this toy!

When I looked at Duke, I found it most striking that his features are subtle. No, that’s not an oxymoron. Many other toys by many other designers make things such as veins, foreskin, and skin texture a lot more pronounced than Bad Dragon did when they made Duke. The only pronounced part of him is his head, which has a nearly half inch dip between itself and the rest of the shaft.

Once lubed up, Duke slid in easily due to the tapered point at the tip of the dildo. The split on the underside of the head gave some great stimulation, leaving me excited about the rest of the toy.

Sadly, the excitement faded quickly once I found that the very subtle features were quickly lost to me. From the entrance to as far as Duke would go, the only part I really could feel any features on was the head!

Sure, this means you can ride duke as fast as you want with nothing getting in the way, but I was hoping for something more than just a pleasant taper when it comes to a shaft. Also, there is very little to the base (excluding the balls) which made picking up speed dificult in most positions because the dildo kept slipping from my hands.

Speaking of the balls, once I reached the base of the shaft I learned that the balls are fun! They are thick, juicy, bouncy things that feel great pounding against your flesh. Sitting on Duke let me get the full feel of him stretching me out gently, rubbing those meaty balls right where I like them. What a lovely surprise!

Areas To Watch When Cleaning: This toy is fairly easy to clean, though you may want to pay the balls a little extra attention, just in case.

The Verdict Almost worth it.

If this dildo cost under $60 I could rate it higher. Sure, it has nice balls and the tapering stretch is a good warm-up, but I have other toys that didn’t cost so much that also are great warm-ups and they are made of higher quality material to boot. If you like your toys without features or just hate warming up you may love Duke, but if you’re looking for a more stimulating ride or are picky about material quality, you may want to try a different toy.

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  1. by Apple Round on April 19th, 2012 1:01 pm

    Good to see that it’s not all scary dragon cocks on Bad Dragon.

  2. I don’t see what’s so special. Is it just the different tip The design is boring! Not dragony at all!

  3. That pointy tip looks like cervix hell.

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