Review: Wuffamute Pup by Exotic Erotics

Have you ever looked at a dildo and went, “It’s so small. I want something bigger!” Well, then, Exotic Erotics has you covered. I’m not kidding when I tell you the Wuffamute Pup is a big toy. In fact, here it is next to a cola bottle…

Wuffamute Pup by Exotic Erotics size comparison

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If that’s not big enough for you, please keep in mind this is their “small”, it only gets larger from there.

Ready to run with the big dogs? Then let’s dive in with the wuffamute pup!

Item Specifics
Total length: 10 inches
Usable length: 9 inches
Head insertable: 5.5 inches circumference, 1.75 inches diameter
Next bulge: 6 inches circumference, 1.90 inches diameter
Knot width: 2.5 inches diameter at the widest point
Knot length: 3 inches

Materials: Silicone coat over silicone(?) central core.

Features: Unique shape, double knot, optional dual hardness

Red’s Warnings
This toy is huge. It’s possible to hurt yourself using it, so if it won’t fit don’t force it. If you bleed, go to a hospital immediately! Also, don’t use silicone lube on this toy. If this toy is broken, discard it.

I actually own two of this toy. The first one turned out to be defective. When I boiled it bubbles burst through the surface along the side and tip, tearing open the toy and rendering it unusable. Having both of them side by side for comparison, I’m sorry to say that there are some quality control issues with this company.

Both toys are supposed to be: Wuffamute Pup, Split Firmness (medium/hard).

Wuffamute 1: no real change in firmness, very distinct “line” pattern from the mold printing. Defective: large bubbles under the surface that split the toy down to the core. The core is actually a different material than the outside. I suspect it’s a lower grade silicone, but I’m not sure.

Wuffamute 2: very distinct difference between medium and hard firmness, line pattern broken by many tiny surface bubbles. Luckily, no large internal bubbles so the toy is still usable.

On the bright side, the “flawed surface” toy has a better, more skin-like surface texture than the “perfect surface” toy does. The Perfect surface feels like many fine ridges, just running my hand down it turned me off. The flawed one is soft and skinlike in stark contrast. All the “sculpted toys” have the same molding process and will have the line texture to them.

Once I finally got a working toy, I found there was some difficulty in insertion. The rounded head required a bunch of warming up to be able to get it in, even though the tiny pointed tip helped a little. The bulging center area was good for G spot/P spot stimulation and was able to build me to climax very quickly. The first knot has a nubbly texture is very interesting, almost like a tiny fist. The second one has more of a full feeling than the first while still keeping that unusual nubbly shape.

Is it worth it? Almost worth it
The shape is unique and the toy certainly is very filling, but the size can be dangerous for many users. There are safer toys for G spot and P spot stimulation and safer “knotted” toys on the market from makers with better quality control. My favorite part is honestly the very unique knot. If the shaft was shorter and the default texture was better I would have loved this toy.

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  1. I did another review on a different toy by Exotic Erotics: Rudy. It’s also defective. We are currently three for three on defective toys from this company!

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