Review: Mr Pluggit by Zeta Paws

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There are butt plugs and there are dildos. Many people think the two aren’t interchangeable. Then Mr. Pluggit came along and brought the world a buttplug/dildo hybrid that can be left in to stretch or used as a toy.

Mr pluggit by Zeta Paws
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Versatility livens up any toybox, but how well does Mr Pluggit handle double duty?

Toy Stats:
Total Length: 4.5″
Usable Length: 3.75″
Shaft Width: 1.75″
Shaft circumference: 5.49″

Material: 100% Medical Grade silicone, medium
Features: tapered base, harness compatible, sculpted testicles

Red’s Warnings
This toy should be safe for anyone, just don’t use silicone lube on it.

Performance as a dildo
As a dildo, Mr Pluggit makes a fairly good warm up. The small size is not daunting to any toy user and the flared head provides and enjoyable popping sensation. Although not easy to see in the picture, there are small intentional flaws in the toy’s shape which leads to a very natural feel. The velvety skin texture holds the lube on well without feeling tacky.

The base is large enough that it provides a handy handle even when things start getting slippery yet small enough to not get in the way. The sculpted testicles add a little extra sensation yet also are unobtrusive.

Performance as a plug
Mr Pluggit really shines as a plug. The intentional flaws plus the fact that the toy narrows at the base allows the plug to wiggle a little as you move around. Medium was a great choice in this case as it gave enough resistance to not slip out while was soft enough to be comfortable for prolonged wear.

The sculpted testicles and tapered base are even better as a plug. The base was made to not get in the way while being safe for even experienced anal players and it really does not get in the way! For ladies the base also gives clitoral stimulation due to the narrow tip. The testicles ride gently against the hole for that “in deep” feeling without the bulk that some toys have.

Areas to Watch when Cleaning
Fluids can get caught under the flared head, but should be easy enough to remove.

Is it Worth it? Yes!
It’s a nice dildo, an amazing buttplug, and handles both duties with grace and style. The sculpting is masterful, the texturing is good and the materials feel great. It’s also one of Zeta’s least expensive designs costing all of $15 at the time of writing. This is one toy every toy box should have.

By the way, if you decide to run out and get one right now, be sure to put in code “eroticred” at checkout for a discount!

2 Responses to “Review: Mr Pluggit by Zeta Paws”

  1. by Rosewald on June 8th, 2012 6:48 pm

    That toy is seriously cheaper than anything I have ever seen and it’s silicone? No way!

  2. by Red Black on June 10th, 2012 5:51 pm

    Yeah, way! Zeta Paws is very reasonable on their prices. They don’t do 500% markups like some other companies out there. This is part of why I love that company.

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