Erotic Red started as a reviews and informational site. The reviews will still be here just in case anyone needs them, however, our focus has shifted to showcasing the fun and sexy side of sex toys.

Currently Erotic Red updates twice a week: Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday is sexy day. Expect to find quotes, sexy pictures, and other interesting adult things posted on Wednesdays. This day was sparked by the fact that Red couldn’t decide which was more fun: being funny or sexy. If you can’t decide, be both!

Friday is funny day. Random, usually very silly, erotic art will be posted with credits to the artist or where the image was found whenever possible. If you know the artist or source of an image and we don’t, comment on that image so proper credit can be given.

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    Who is Red, anyway?

    I’m a nerd and “casual goth”. I’m a strange little critter and I like it that way. I live in Virginia in a small apartment with my pet rats and a few beautiful rose bushes.

    A few of my favorite things are science fiction, horror, and, of course, sex toys! In fact, my love for sex toys and erotic art has led me to share the love by creating a blog. If you have any ideas or comments about what I have so far, feel free to let me know.

    Special Thanks
      A big thank you to every reader who comes to this blog! Knowing you are enjoying this site encourages me to keep on working on it!