Dildo dildo dildo….

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Look at that infectious smile! Say it along with me….

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Ahhh… life is just a little better now.

Animated Gif found by Girl in the Darkness.

Just Looking

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If you have someone, have you tried playing with toys in front of each other yet? Not only is it a fun way to warm up, you both may enjoy yourselves very much!

To demonstrate, here’s a nice couple from Shaven Sex Love by Gordon Denman.

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She seems to be enjoying herself so much he can barely resist joining in. I bet he’s going to be asking to lend a hand very soon.

Review: Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil in Orgy of Grape

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Shunga, as you probably know if you’ve been following this blog, is traditional Japanese erotica. It also is the name of a company that makes adult novelties of many varieties.

Here we have their Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil in “orgy of grape” flavor. Yes, the flavor name is fairly tasteless, but how does the actual taste of this flavored, warming lubricant pan out? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Ingredients: glycerine, propylene glycol, flavor, sodium saccharine, coloring.

Feel when wet: honey-like
Drying Time: 40 minutes
Dries: a little sticky

Features: warming, flavored, colored, recyclable glass bottle, recyclable decorative tin (not pictured), sugar-free, water-based, condom safe, tingles.

How hot does it get?
When wet, 8/10: uncomfortably toasty.
After being licked off: 4/10: mild but still there

How long does the heat last? 20 minutes or more (varies)

How much does it tingle? 2/10 Slightly.
How long does it last? 15 minutes or so. (varies)

Red’s Warnings
It may not contain any sugars, but do not use if you have sensitivity to glycerine. Also, this stuff can stain so be careful!

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Ghetto Electric Toothbrush

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Well, I guess that’s one use for a vibrator…

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Found on Really Ghetto.

Leather Tease

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Ahh, the classic blonde vixen in black leather with a bullwhip. Can it get any better? Let’s add some teasing into the mix and find out!

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The classics never die.

Photo from Frankie Baby.

Review: Tantus Echo

Can you hear me me me me? Wait, wrong kind of echo! The Tantus Echo is named for it’s repeating “heads” all along the shaft that grow a little smaller with each iteration.

So, is the Tantus Echo a vibrator that will have your cries echoing through the neighborhood, or is it destined to fade out? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Diameter: 1.75 inches at widest
Circumference: 5.5 inches at widest
Usable length: 6.25 inches
total length: 6.75 inches
Hardness: Very firm but gives a little. Think Fully inflated tire.

Features: Abstract shape, vac-u-lock compatible, comes with a bullet vibe for optional vibration, waterproof

Material: 100% medical grade silicone

Red’s Warnings
Do not use silicone lube on this toy. Also, the head is fairly big. If it won’t fit, do not force it!

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Challenge Accepted

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Found by Cubbybear.

Quite a view

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Sometimes sex toys allow for interesting shots you may not have seen otherwise. Take this fellow for example. His glass dildo provides quite a view!

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Picture found by Furrific.

Review: Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condom

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Okamoto claims that their advanced Sheerlon Latex condoms are some of the thinnest, most sensitive condoms out there.

Well, we all know Japan is home to a lot of technological innovations, but is this a real innovation or just advertising? Let’s try a Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom and find out!

Item Specifics
Unrolled length: 6 inches
Maximum width: 4.25 inches diameter
Maximum length: Well over two feet
Material: lubricated sheerlon latex
Features: Sheerlon material, reservoir tip, base ring.

Red’s Warnings:
Yes, this is latex. Don’t use if expired or you’re allergic. Also do not use with oil based lube.

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Uhh… Paperweight?

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Ahh, Craisglist. Do your wonders ever cease?

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