Lube Testing

Everyone likes to think their personal lubricant is going to be safe with their dildo. However, strange reactions can and do occur. A mild reaction may result in discoloration while a major reaction can result in total destruction of the toy! How can you make sure your lube won’t destroy your dong? Here’s what I do.

1) Pick the correct lube for your toy type.
Here’s a quick compatibility list as a starter.

2) Rinse the toy well with water and pat dry. Do not use soap!

This assures nothing is left on the dildo to cause a false alarm. If you have a material sample swatch from the company, feel free to use that instead of endangering your nice sex toys.

3) Turn the toy upside down and smear some lube on the base.
I find an empty tissue box works great for propping up a toy for a little while. Flower vases, jars, or other sturdy items work well, too.

4) Wait two days.
I know most people don’t use their dildos or butt plugs for two days straight. However, accidents can and do happen. What if the toy falls under the bed and is not washed for a couple days? What if you think you had the toy clean, but there is some lube trapped in the creases? There are too many what ifs not to test carefully.

5) Rinse the toy well with water and record the results.
You now know if the lube is safe or not!

Lubes Red Has Tested on Silicone
All these lubes have been tested on silicone. Results with other sex toy materials may vary. Click the name of the lube to read my detailed review.

Safe! no reactions at all.
  • KY Jelly (classic)

  • Risky! Some bad reactions possible.
  • KY Sensitive Jelly: can cause discoloration or mild bubbling.

  • Unsafe! Do not use this lube.
  • Slippery Stuff: will eat the surface of some toys.