Review: Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condom

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Okamoto claims that their advanced Sheerlon Latex condoms are some of the thinnest, most sensitive condoms out there.

Well, we all know Japan is home to a lot of technological innovations, but is this a real innovation or just advertising? Let’s try a Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom and find out!

Item Specifics
Unrolled length: 6 inches
Maximum width: 4.25 inches diameter
Maximum length: Well over two feet
Material: lubricated sheerlon latex
Features: Sheerlon material, reservoir tip, base ring.

Red’s Warnings:
Yes, this is latex. Don’t use if expired or you’re allergic. Also do not use with oil based lube.

The latex on these condoms felt light and fairly delicate on the skin. Although not as light as Proper Attire, it still felt nice. The delicate weight was balanced out by a nice delicate texture, somewhere in between skin and very fine paper.

In use I found that it hugged the curves and little wrinkles fairy well. In fact, it seemed to do better than it’s studded counterpart! Heat and sensation transferred over nicely during the comfortable ride.

For Oral Sex I felt the Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom was “meh”. I have seen worse out there, but there was nothing really special. It performed well enough, though I found the lubricant on the condoms seemed to have more of a flavor than I would have liked.

The Verdict: Worth it

Sure, it’s not the most interesting condom for oral sex, but for regular sex Beyond Seven condoms work nicely and a pleasant tool from the far east.

2 Responses to “Review: Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condom”

  1. by Thokost First on July 8th, 2012 3:32 pm

    WHy do companies name normal materiald with weird names? this is getting annoying.

  2. by Red Black on July 8th, 2012 5:54 pm

    I think companies use brand names on their materials because the company wants to make their products look fancy and special. Just saying “Latex condom” doesn’t sound as high-tech as “Sheerlon Condom” does. That’s just my guess, though.

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