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The name “Rough Rider” is synonymous with bathroom stall vending machines all over the USA. Chances are if you have been to a truck stop or a gas station you may have seen them around.

With street cred like this, it makes you wonder why Rough Rider Studded Condoms keep showing up everywhere. Is it because they’re good or because they’re cheap? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Unrolled length: 6 inches
Maximum width: 4.5 inches diameter
Maximum length: 12 inches long
Material: lubricated latex
Features: base ring, reservoir tip, studded

Red’s Warnings:
Do not use if expired or allergic to latex. Do not use with oil-based lube.

I was skeptical at first. These are one of the most common truck stop bathroom condoms I have ever seen. People buy them as gag gifts or for unplanned quickies. Here I am, actually planning to use one! Is this such a good idea?

Then I tried out Rough Rider condoms and was pleasantly surprised.

The latex along the shaft has a very nice “skin” texture to it with smooth little pinhole sized raised bumps all along the way. These little bumps gave just enough texture to really heighten the feeling without being overbearing. The head of the condom was slick and smooth. This made insertion easy and gave a delightful contrast to the many bumps on the shaft.

When you put it all together you get an incredible amount of contrasting texture without going overboard. In action both of us could feel the difference and enjoyed it a lot!

When it came to thinness, Rough Rider isn’t the thinnest condom brand I’ve ever tried. Yes, it’s thinner than a traditional Trojan, but there are far thinner studded condoms out there. This is OK, however, as this condom is meant to be felt on it’s own and having it be a little thick does seem to help this. It also helps prevent condom breakage and the many nasty problems that come along with it. Despite not being thin, it translated heat beautifully and hugged every last inch with no ill-fitting areas.

For oral sex I found that Rough Rider wasn’t very good. It translated sensation well enough, but flavor-wise it was lacking. The lube had a funny little taste to it that kept getting in the way for me. The taste reminded me a little of cheap vegetable oil and was not very sexy. Making things even worse, it clung to the lips uncomfortably and refused to wash away. Ew.

The Verdict: Worth it (for sex only)

If you’re just looking to have sex, Rough Rider Studded Condoms feel great and are less expensive than some other brands out there. It’s a good deal for a good ride. For oral sex, however, it’s just not worth it!

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