Review: Smooches Delicious Body Dust in Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

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Smooches Delicious Body Dust by Classic Erotica has a soft, fuzzy, retro ring to it, doesn’t it? The pink kiss print throwback canister only furthers this cute and fluffy retro feel. It even tastes like “chocolate dipped strawberries” for even more of a classic tone.

So, is it a taste worth the trip down memory lane or a memory worth forgetting? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Ingredients: Corn starch, Sucrose, Fructose, flavor (aroma), red 40 lake, Blue 1 lake, Yellow 6 lake.

Thickness: Fine powder (like, well, corn starch)

Features: No animal testing, non-offensive design tin, scented and sweetened.

Red’s Warnings
This might cause a yest infection. Be careful if using around a vagina. Past that, it should be safe for anyone.

I opened the tin and found a spice-type shaker top with one larger hole or the option of a few small holes for dispensing the edible body powder. Although the fragrance was soft, it did smell like strawberries kissed with chocolate! yum!

I tried shaking a little out through the small holes. Very little would come out, and it tended to land in a three inch area all around the intended target. Hm, a little messy.

The flavor was light and more corn starch than anything at first taste, but as soon as my tongue had it wetted down a tangy sweet strawberry with a chocolatey kiss came out. As the flavor faded, the juiciness of the strawberry came to the forefront, the chocolate lingering to more of an after note. The final aftertaste was a tangy, almost green strawberry with a negligible chocolate in the background.

I thought perhaps getting a bigger taste would help, so I opened the larger hole and shook some out. It went everywhere with a roughly five inch spread! by the time I was done with this test, I was covered in white speckles. I’m starting to think a powder puff would be the best way to apply the Smooches body dust in order to be able to control the spread better.

In larger amounts I found the formerly pleasing strawberry to be more of a chemical taste with a chocolate underneath it. Ew! This is one body topping I’d suggest keeping to a minimum for best results.

Like all things with sugar, licking the Smooches Delicious Body Dust away left a sticky residue. This may sounds strange, but this residue is a good thing! The wetness makes the light dust come to life quicker so the flavor is already on the skin before your mouth touches it. It also makes the chemical effect of using too much dust into more of a “candy” flavor with a chemical taste sneaking into aftertaste.

Another neat thing I noticed is that the dust itself is pale pink. However, once it has been wet down it turns brown. It’s like they’re the strawberry and you’re the chocolate. Sexy!

The Verdict: Worth it

Even though it doesn’t taste great dry in huge amounts (I wouldn’t suggest pouring it in your mouth) when used as intended it’s really pretty tasty. Sure, it could use a bit more chocolate, but adding some cocoa powder would fix that in a jiffy. It’s also less expensive than most other body powders, so I say you get what you pay for: a tasty (even if cheap and messy) body powder.

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