Review: Original Earthly Body Massage Oil

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Earthly Body is a company that focuses on making all-natural products that are good for your body as well as the Earth.

With all this feel-good to go round, is the Original Earthly Body massage oil any good? Let’s find out!

Item Specifics
Ingredients: Almond oil, Apricot Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary, pthalate-free cranberry scent.

Thickness: Thin and watery
Feel when wet: Slick and shiny. Sort of like wet latex in a good way.
Drying Time: Does not dry out
Feeling once soaked in: smooth and slightly sticky

Features: All natural ingredients, non-toxic, pthalate free, color free.

Red’s Warnings
Do not use with latex toys or latex condoms. Oil will cause these to break down.

The oil went on smooth as silk. Despite being on the thin side, the Earthly Body massage oil actually was easy to control and did not tend to go everywhere like other products did. This made it very easy to put on thick coats and rub them in or to apply multiple thin coats without worry about it going everywhere. Being able to coat it on thick and have it stay put is a bonus in my mind as I’d hate to have to get oil spots off of everything.

While spread thick the sheen and slickness with a faint texture to it reminded me of wet latex in a good way. I liked feeling it on my skin almost as much as I enjoyed running my hands along that shiny, smooth oil wet skin! It was very sexy for everybody involved.

Rubbing it in felt even better than having it on thick. The smooth slickness slowly faded away to a sexy silkiness as it almost soaked in but not quite. There was no nasty residue involved and the oil didn’t want to rub off on anything non-skin. How nice!

Further rubbing seemed to bring the oil back out of the skin a little leaving a light dew of shiny oil on the skin. Not even having winter dry skin could stop this effect, which actually was not a bad thing. A little extra rubbing left a gentle shiny dew on the now soft and perfumed skin that glittered in the light as only freshly oiled skin can. It was a beautiful change from the dry skin that had been there before.

Whether on thin or thick, the fragrance was always present but not overpowering. Adding more oil caused the fragrance to build up a little, but it never reached “critical mass” to become overbearing or unpleasant even when drenched in a thick coat of the stuff. The original fragrance wasn’t a “kick you in the teeth” cranberry, but it was there and helped accent the scent of the oils themselves as a nice touch. It was a fresh scent that really did smell like the cranberries in my kitchen. I kept wanting to add a little cinnamon to round the fragrance out, but that’s just me and my cooking.

Once all the oils had soaked in, the rubbing was over, and I was ready to move on it took two washings with strong dish soap to dent the oil. Believe it or not, full strength dish detergent used directly on my skin did not kill the Earthly Body massage oil! It instead ended up being just enough to ease the oil level down from sexy shiny to about that of good quality hand lotion leaving my skin silky soft. Such resilience is a nice change and very welcome indeed.

The Verdict: Worth it

Yes it’s expensive. Quality materials are expensive. Yes, you might have to check a hippy shop to find it. Sometimes good things are hidden. However, if you are looking for a smooth massage oil with an earth-friendly bent, Earthly Body Original may be just what you need.

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  1. by isabella vegas on March 24th, 2012 10:16 pm

    Sounds great. I love cranberry!

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