Review: Tantus Rascal

Is it just me, or is Tantus really fond of meaningful dildo names? Rascal means a mischievous person and we all know how the right kind of mischief can always be plenty of fun! So, is Rascal just the thing to add a little fun and mischief between the sheets or was this dong misnamed? Let’s dive in!

Item Specifics
Diameter: 1.7 inches
Circumference: 5.3 inches
Usable length: 5 inches
total length: 5.2 inches

Features: girthy shape, smooth tip for easy insertion, ribbed texture, harness compatible, waterproof, comes with vibrating bullet, suction compatible.

Material: 100% medical grade silicone.

Red’s Warnings
This boy is super stocky! Make sure you warm up before taking him. Also do not use with silicone based lube.

The smooth tip on the Rascal was very fun to play with. Not only did it make it easy to slip Rascal in once I was warmed up, externally it offered a huge contrast in texture between the ribs and the glass-like smoothness of the tip.

Once inside Rascal’s ribs really took off! I was glad I used a lot of lube because these little guys provided so much stimulation that the dildo would have been harsh without it. Hitting all my spots was very easy with Rascal because the girth and ridges made it impossible not to.

Adding vibration turned this toy into a juggernaut of sensation: it’s coming in right now and nobody can stop it! Needless to say, I did not last long under so much sensation.

On the down side Rascal’s huge girth made it hard to use him for any sort of targeted stimulation of small areas. If you want something that can be used on a clitoris or to probe a prostate from the outside, you’re better off with another toy. For larger areas, however, Rascal works.

I also found that Rascal did not go deep enough for me. Sure, the depth wasn’t needed to hit the spot and get me off, but I prefer some depth with my toys. The hardness also left me a little sore, but if you like unyielding sex toys, then Tantus’ Rascal will be great.

Areas To Watch When Cleaning: All those ripples can be tough, but the bullet vibe hole is the worst. Be careful not to get lube inside the toy when playing!

The Verdict: Almost Worth It
A juggernaut is great when you want something done quickly with as little fuss as possible. I, however, tend to prefer more finesse and length with my toys. It’s not a bad toy and I know others would love it, it’s just not for me.

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