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Everyone loves a novelty. Some toys make sounds, others can squirt like the real thing. The Contoured Glo by Ophoria, as the name suggests, glows in the dark. Is this toy all flash and no substance, or will the Contoured stay a standby after the novelty wears off? Let’s find out!

The Contoured Glo by Ophoria

Item Specifics
Diameter: 1.5 inches at widest, 0.9 inches at narrowest
Circumference: 4.5 inches at widest, 3.1 inches at narrowest
Usable length: 7 inches (or 4 + 3 inches handle)
total length: 7 1/4 inches

Features: slender shape, glow in the dark (optional)
Material: 100% Japanese Platinum Silicone

Red’s Warnings
Do not use with silicone lube. Also, the knob in the base is attached to a small plug that keeps a glow stick inside the toy. Keep the plug and glow sticks out of reach of children.

The outside of the Contoured Glo has a soft texture, sort of like crushed satin or very fine sand. It holds lube fairly well and feels sort of like tender skin when wet. There is a fine seam along the top and bottom of the toy, but it’s so fine that it can’t be felt when the toy is in use.

The glow effect comes from replaceable glow sticks. Although the glow sticks need to be replaced when they wear out, they are actually easy to find. The cheap glow sticks that are used to make party favor bracelets work well as replacements. As long as they’re narrow they should fit! As a bonus, since actual glow sticks make this glow there is no risk of harm from pigments or worries about having to charge the toy first. Just break a stick and it glows for hours!

The Contoured Glo is meant as a basic Prostate or G-spot toy. Although basically the whole toy can be used, the way it tapers in the middle suggests that the last three or so inches are meant more as a handle than as part of the main toy.

If the end of the toy is used as a handle all you need to do is flick your pointer finger upward to make the Contoured Glo start moving in the trademark “come here” that works so well on that special spot. Past the crook on the end the toy flares out into a smooth bump before tapering sharply through the center. The bump provides an extra bonus of being able to use a thrusting motion to hit the spot as well.

Penetration was fairly easy once everything was lubed up, though I found that using a curved motion helped the curved tip enter more easily. The glow and a mirror gave me a fun view of the action going on. The light was enough to see by and lit everything up with a warm glow.

The simple shape of the Contoured Glo by Ophoria creates enough feeling to get you to where you want to be, but it’s not overboard. It slips lightly along the skin and can move quickly or slowly with equal ease. However, the simple texture and gentle design may be too plain for those who prefer toys with a whole lot of stimulation. Newbies shy of going overboard may find the Contoured Glo a great start, though!

Areas to watch when cleaning
The stopper both has ribs and is indented to hold the glow stick. All of these can hold in fluids if the stopper comes loose. Also, the center of the toy is hollow which makes washing lube out of the center a pain without a very soft bottle brush. It’s best to keep the stopper in to try to keep the fluids out.

The Verdict Worth it
Although the sensation is very simple, it is none the less effective at what it’s supposed to do. If you like a little stimulation without going overboard, go ahead and get the Contoured Glo by Ophoria! If too much sensation is never enough then you may want to try a different toy.

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