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Omega- the final letter of the Greek Alphabet. The word literally means “great O” when translated to English. Tantus is setting up a bunch of high expectations by naming a toy Omega! So, is it really the great O to end it all or just a relic?

The Omega Strap dildo on by Tantus

Toy Specifics
Total Length: 5.25in
Usable Length: 4.75in
Diameter: 1.25in
Circumference: 4in

Material: 100% Medical grade silicone
Features: Harness compatible, medium firmness (think dense jelly rubber), ridges for g/p spot stimulation, base ridges for clitoral/taint stimulation, hole in base for suction cup or bullet vibe.

Red’s Warnings
Don’t use silicone lube on this toy. Otherwise it should be safe for anyone.


The two things I found most striking about this toy in comparison to most other Tantus toys I’ve worked with is that the Omega is softer and smoother than many of the rest! It feels almost like glass to the touch yet yields to the hand like thick gel insoles.

These differences made the Tantus Omega super easy to work with. It took almost no lube the entire time. Between the small size, slick surface, and tapering tip the Tantus Omega just slid on in almost effortlessly. This would be a great toy for beginners or for more experienced people who don’t feel like warming up.

The soft ridges were great for hitting the spot. Although it doesn’t show up in the pictures, they are more of a series of ripples that smoothly dent inward along their tops. This caught and massaged the spot with every stroke. The ridges down the top served double duty as both a convenient handle and were nice for a little extra external stimulation.

Using a bullet with the Tantus Omega was frankly overkill in my mind. It was great by itself, but with the little extra oomph from the vibrations were enough to get me off until I was sore! I wish I had a suction cup, I imagine riding this toy would be just as fun as using it by hand.

The only downsides I saw were that the bullet is not easy to remove, although the soft material does make it easier to remove than on other Tantus models and that the ridges on the base can be a little harsh sometimes.

Places to watch when cleaning
The little dips in the top of each ridge and the ridges on the base can both hold in lube. Also, make sure you get all of the lube out of the hole in the base!

The Verdict: Worth it!
This toy is a perfect warm up for larger toys, or a fine finisher if you enjoy G-spot or Prostate stimulation. It would also be a fine beginner’s toy both vaginally and anally. It’s a little narrow, but it works great for what it’s supposed to do.

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