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I just realized that I have been telling you guys to use condoms over your porous toys but have not reviewed a single condom! D’oh! Well, let’s rectify that by reviewing Sensis Quikstrips Condoms by Grove Medical.

This condom’s selling point are the strips along the side, called QuikStrips by the maker. These strips are supposed to make putting on a condom fast and easy to help keep you in the moment. So, is this new spin on the condom fun or a flop?

Item Specifics
Unrolled length: 8 inches
Maximum width: 4 inch diameter, 12.5 circumference
Maximum length: Well over three feet
Material: Latex with plastic “QuikStrips”
Features: Base ring, QuikStrips for easy application, reservoir tip

Red’s Warnings:
Do not use if you are allergic to latex. Also, the strips come unattached from the condom and may pose a choking hazard to small children.


Putting on the Sensis condom took a little getting used to. At first I didn’t trust the strips and pulled outward instead of down. Of course, this made the strips come right off! You are supposed to put this condom on the penis with the ridged sides of the strips pointing up, then pull downward.

Once I got the hang of the Quikstrips, I found that Sensis condoms are easier to put on. It’s pretty much a “pull” and you’re done! It’s not perfect, however.

Firstly, make sure you put some lube in the tip of the condom before putting it on. If you don’t an air bubble will be in the tip, which can increase the risk of breakage. Once the condom is on massage the lube out of the tip down the head of the penis. This makes it feel a lot better and it’s safer, too. Luckily penis massages are sexy and fun so nothing is lost in the moment by doing this.

Secondly, make sure the ridges on the tabs are facing “up”. If you don’t do this, the condom will not go on correctly. Don’t flip a condom you put on incorrectly: it increases the chances of the condom breaking and someone catching something/getting pregnant. Toss it out and get a new condom!

Last but not least I found that the Sensis condom leaves little ridges of latex down the shaft when it’s on. While you’re smoothing the lube down the head of the penis, go ahead and smooth this downward, too. If you don’t smooth the latex down I found that it can weaken the condom as the latex folds rub and stretch.

Once the Sensis Condom is on, using it is nice. There’s a very light texture that I actually enjoy better than many other brands. It’s fairly thin as well and translates sensation very effectively.

The lubricant that comes on the Sensis condom is a little oily at first touch and smells distinctly of chocolate. In fact, it tastes a lot like chocolate too and is great for oral sex. I think there’s some cocoa butter in it, so make sure you don’t use these condoms after expiration date just in case there is.

The Verdict Worth it
As long as you don’t mind learning a new way to put on condoms, the Sensis condom with QuikStrips is an enjoyable, easy to use alternative to traditional condoms.

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  1. TYVM you’ve solved all my prolbmes

  2. I’m glad to help. Just like any new technology learning how to use it is always the first hurdle.

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